Fittings, sizes, color solutions

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Basic equipment

All FC panel radiators have wall-mounted brackets welded from the rear. In the case of a body larger than 1800 mm, 6 clips are prepared, including wall brackets consisting of a washer and an aluminum tube.

All radiators are equipped with a venting plug and an appropriate number of blanking plugs. All outlets for FC panel radiators have the same diameter with G 1/2 female thread.

Stand brackets available on special request.

When installing the radiator, an 8-stage valve is installed in the internal distribution system, which is characterized by the following data:

  • kv value – example of calculation of two-pipe heating system and
  • one-pipe heating system
  • valve is fitted into the radiator during assembly
  • valve is infinitely adjustable between 1 and 8
  • ex works, the valve is preset to stage 8

The degree of valve presetting is determined by calculation.


Sizes according to customer requirements. It is necessary to determine the width, height, depth, temperature gradient and the required power for the given product type. On this basis, a heating element design will be sent.

Color solution

RAL colors

Smooth and structured colors

– Metallic colors

– Fired colors

– matt, semi-gloss, gloss, high gloss

– pearly colors

Nowadays, more emphasis is placed on heating due to its functionality and aesthetics. Highest quality is required to ensure comfort, energy savings and environmental friendliness. Aluminum has been used for one hundred years. Modern technologies can turn aluminum into functional and modern shapes.

 Aluminum is technically a very good heat conductor. Its conductivity is 3 times greater than iron and is resistant to pressure. It is ideal for both heating and cooling systems.

 Aluminum radiators heat even at low temperature gradients with great speed and efficiency. As a result, they are used to save energy..

Comparison of aluminum, steel and cast iron radiators

Less water

– Aluminum radiators require significantly less water to achieve the same heat output as steel and cast iron radiators

Save heating time

– Aluminum is an ideal material for heat transfer due to its physical properties.

Less space

– Aluminum profiles can be used to produce radiators of various lengths and widths in very interesting shapes. Radiators will no longer be boring in shape and become one of the main aesthetic elements in your interior.

Lower weight

– The main advantages of aluminum are its low weight – it is up to 3 times smaller than steel. Very light radiators ensure easy handling and installation.

Temperature flexibility

– Due to their low weight and less water, aluminum radiators can reach high temperatures in a short time, increasing heating comfort.