Floor convectors without ventilators FC

konvektory bez ventilátoru


Aluminum convectors Fancoil or FC are designed for embedding into the floor in combination with French windows, passages to winter gardens, entrances to halls, exits, etc., both in public buildings (shops, office buildings, etc.) and in family houses .

Diverse variants of covering grilles guarantee the suitability of these convectors for any interior.

  • With natural convection
  • Unlimited range of types and designs
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Convector FANCOIL FC is designed for dry and wet environment
  • Very low water volume ensures low energy consumption and maximum performance of the convector
  • Convector responds to the temperature requirements of the heated space

Aluminum design of the convector guarantees its unlimited lifetime.

Thanks to the unique design, the production of the convector is fully variable.