Wall convectors FCW

podlahové konvektory


Wall convector, a product that is part of most interiors.

  • Exceptional design                      nástěnný konvektor
  • Materials used that are not subject to corrosion
  • Significantly lower volume of transmission medium compared to conventional radiators
  • Unlimited lifetime
  • Unlimited dimensions
  • Unlimited color variations and surface texture
  • Unbeatable price
  • The outputs can be adapted to the required dimensions
  • Can also be used as a cooling unit for cooling
  • Perfectly discreet and timeless design, simple and practical without fan. Flat front cover in combination with aluminum grille.
  • The very low water volume in the high-performance heat exchanger guarantees low energy consumption and maximum heat output of the housing.
  • The convector responds quickly to the temperature requirements of the heated space.
  • Possibility to choose colors according to RAL color chart – without extra charge.

The front plate of the wall convector is sheet metal or conex glass, stained glass, led backlight possible. Thanks to the unique design solution the production of the wall convector is fully variable.

  • Thousands of production dimensions and variations.

On request it is possible to order atypical dimensions and colors of the convector – without increasing the price! You can also order a glass front in a digital print pattern that you wish.

You can use the photobank.

nástěnný konvektor

  • Maximum operating overpressure 1.0 Mpa (10bar)
  • Maximum operating temperature 110 ° C
  • The extended warranty is 30 years for the entire body